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Founded by interactive artists Anthony Scavarelli and Henri Kuschkowitz we are an innovative team of interactive programmers, creatives, and artists that focus on public interactive installations and knowledge-sharing. Our work is best suited for festivals, museums, special events or workshops, and experiential marketing.

We are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

"Bringing the limitless possibilities of the virtual world into the real one."


We create innovative interactive installations used to visualize a message in a public space. We believe it is important to have an interactive component so that those that contribute to our works, through interaction, will feel better connected to it.

Contact us to bring imagination to life.


Below is just a small list of projects members of our team have worked on. Also, some ideas of what is possible.

Ottawa International Jazz Festival 2014

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To create an eye-catching and innovative marketing piece for the Ottawa Jazz Festival we designed and created an interactive projection-mapped piece in Ottawa's downtown Byward Market that would be visible during the day as a large three dimensional sculpture; but also light up and animate at night for more spectacular effect. Passers-by could interact with the piece by tweeting special hashtags directed to the OttawaJazz Twitter account during the festival.

Tweeting various Twitter hashtags to the Ottawa Jazz Festival( @OttawaJazz ) could trigger different effects. Some examples of this were: #tonight would display the shows playing that day or #tomorrow for tomorrows' performances. More fun examples could be #energy to creating a scrolling light animation, #pink to change the secondary colour of the piece temporaily to pink, or #music to animate musical notes floating across the surface and ground.

More photos of the construction, development, and final showing can be found here: Ottawa International Jazz Festival 2014 Interactive Sculpture Photo Book


Paths - Interactive Light Installation

Invest Ottawa 'Paths' Thumb

Borne from a unique three month workspace residency at Invest Ottawa, in collaboration with the City of Ottawa, Algonquin College, and Artengine, this interactive physical installation represents the products of our design research in the business incubator space pointing to three main themes - energy, collaboration, and communication.

Using light patterns affected by the motions of persons through the space, and their communication to Invest Ottawa’s Twitter we represent the energy of the space in a physical and visual sense. In addition, recordings of many entrepreneurs’ advice and ideas about business and Invest Ottawa, in various languages to symbolize the worldly nature of collaboration, are projected through the walls to add an aural energy.

The concept is to remind visitors that they are not alone, but rather surrounded by the experience and help of others before them as they walk into the space. By creating a physical piece we also believe it best enhances the large open nature of Invest Ottawa’s lobby, rather than detract from it.


Cinekid Children's Festival: Virtual Marionette

Interactive Forest Thumb

A piece initially developed with the aim of determining how the usability of the Leap Motion device is affected when controlling a virtual marionette, it was picked up by the Cinekid Children's Festival in Amsterdam as a new media exhibit.

Using strong and playful 2D visuals the Interactive Forest recreated a simple circle of life. When participants wave their hands wind is created which helps create clouds which rain once dense enough. This rain allows trees to grow, swaying in the wind created by participants motion. Alternatively, if the exhibit was left for long enough the clouds would dissipate, and the sun would dry up the Earth killing the trees until more rain was created.

Created using a custom built deferred renderer and Bullet physics it explores a virtual spaceman floating around a moon. On display at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, October 2013.


Electric Fields 2013: AgitPOV Workshops

AgitPOV Thumb

A collaboration with AgitPOV from Montreal including Alexandre Castonguay, Mariángela Aponte Núñez and Thomas Ouellet Fredericks. We were approached to host a workshop during Electric Fields 2013. Agit P.O.V (Petit Objet de Vélo) is a microhack for bicycles relying on the persistence of vision (POV) effect, the propaganda tactics of the russian avant-garde (AGIT Prop) and the SpokePOV Project by Limor Fried (LadyAda).

At the time in it's sixth iteration we were helping participants solder micro compontents onto the small breadboard which we later mounted on bikes and took a ride through the city. During the workshops we lead a discussion on the impacts of bicycling in the community and how participants would like to use their unit.

AgitPOV workshop

A workshop during Electric Fields, September 2013.


Museum of Nature: Re-Extinct

Nature Nocturne

Ottawa's Museum of Nature has asked us to create an installation in the dinosaur area of the Canadian Museum of nature's inaugural "Nature Nocturne" event.

This piece uses a transparent rear projection screen giving the illusion of a floating virtual dinosaur to compliment the existing space. It is composed of thousands of particles that are emitted from the interaction by the audience visiting the space. More interaction causes an increased amount of particles to radiant from the silhouettes of the participants and attach themselves onto the dinosaur, bringing it to life. Without the interaction the particles die away and the dinosaur becomes re-extinct.

This piece was on display at Ottawa's Museum of Nature Nature Nocturne, February 2013.


Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012: Singin' in the Rain

Nuit Blanche 2012 - Singin' in the Rain

A physical installation meant to evoke the simple playfulness of being a child splashing in a [virtual] puddle. Each step taken on the custom created multi-touch sensitive mat results in projected visuals reacting as well as notes to "Singin' in the Rain" being played.

With every step taken the next note of the chorus is played. Speed, Agility and Interaction creates endless possibilities of combinations to playback the music.

A child on the interactive floor

This piece was presented during Nuit Blanche, September 2012.


Ottawa Children's Festival: Under the Sea

Children's Festival Thumb

Directing and teaching two grade.7 classrooms about interactive art, together we created an interactive piece for the Ottawa International Children's Festival to promote global warming and climate change awareness.

Visitors to this space could interact with elements such as the fish, birds, and bubbles using their hands. Using this interaction as a metaphor for climate change awareness and action when there was no interaction the waters would rise, glaciers melt, and the temperature rise visually. Conversely, when there was interaction the effects would be reversed.

This piece was on display at the 2012 Ottawa International Children's Festival May 30th - June 3rd.


Electric Fields 2010: The Philosopher Cube

The Philosopher Cube Thumb

Using Twitter to receive and answer questions from passers-by this large 80ft projection asked people to stop and think about what humanity means to them in downtown Ottawa.

The Philosopher Cube was a project meant to evoke an emotive response from passers-by. Fortunately many remember, months later, the unique visuals they saw displayed on Rideau Centre at the 2010 Electric Fields Festival.

This piece was powered by a 6000 lumen projector projecting an image approximately 80ft squared, and created using eye-catching modern 3D graphics and special effects.



Sanctuary Thumb

This highly interactive project envelops one to four visitors in small hexagon display. This adventure challenges visitors, using laser pointers, to solve puzzles to escape a cursed temple.

One of the most complicated but innovative projects we have worked on Sanctuary utilized 5 projectors and 5 rear-projection screens to enclose up to 4 participants into a small space meant to represent a floating raft.

Sanctuary Camera Tracking View

Built using Unity it employed many custom additions and graphics to fully realize the experience of floating on a raft while trying to solve puzzles using coloured laser pointers. Participants also had to avoid obstacles using their averaged body positions to determine which direction to steer the raft towards. This project was a hugely interactive, innovative, and enjoyable experience.



Aquaroom Thumb

This interactive display captures a visitors' likeness and deposits a unique fish into a virtual 3D fish-tank. The fish can then be instructed to perform actions using a simple text-messaging service.

Consisting of four main parts Aquaroom captured participants likeness using a web camera, displayed a 3D environment and animated 3D fish onto a large projection screen inside a room, captured both video and sound from a smaller synched fishtank outside the room, and also allowed interaction from participants using a simple text-messaging service.

View of Large Aquaroom Fish-Tank

Aquaroom was an innovative experiment in providing the perspective of a domestic fish to viewers, while also simultaneously providing the more traditional viewpoint of looking upon a fish-tank. Participants were treated to a fish-tank full of fish that they could watch and play with using text-messages in a room designed to recreate the feeling of being underwater.


Interactive Forest

Interactive Forest Thumb

Using only the motion of their hands and bodies visitors are encouraged to control the life and death of virtual forest.

Using strong and playful 2D visuals the Interactive Forest recreated a simple circle of life. When participants wave their hands wind is created which helps create clouds which rain once dense enough. This rain allows trees to grow, swaying in the wind created by participants motion. Alternatively, if the exhibit was left for long enough the clouds would dissipate, and the sun would dry up the Earth killing the trees until more rain was created.

Live View of Interactive Forest at the Mercury Lounge

The Interactive Forest was an enjoyable way to interact with an interesting environment while also acting as a commentary on how much of an impact we, as humans, truly do have on our forests. This was displayed publicly at the Mercury Lounge in Ottawa, ON.


Interactive Music Visualizer

Music Visualizer Thumb

Using movement captured by a camera, and sound captured by a microphone, virtual particle streams move and pulsate to the beat of music and motion.

This Music Visualizer was created as a visual accompaniment to a cellist in Orangeville, Ontario; and was also re-tooled to work as a 3-screen projection for a video jockey event at the Babylon Night Club in Ottawa.

Using advanced camera tracking and sound analysis algorithms this visualizer provides a way for participants to literally visualize sound, while also being able to contribute to the vivid visuals through the use of their own body motion.



With so many possibilities there are many tools we use. For creation we often find ourselves using programming languages such as C++ and OpenGL, as well as helper frameworks such as Cinder and Openframeworks for speed and flexibility. For both 2D and 3D graphical assets we use software such as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and Maya.

For the installations we commonly use projectors and other traditional displays such as monitors or televisions, as well as surround sound systems. We also turn to Arduino and other custom hardware and installation solutions for more creative and innovative approaches.


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